Information services

Information services

The Resource Centre Network is the implementing body of the Knowlegde Management initiative in Ghana. The network provides information services for a wide range of stakeholders in the water and sanitation sector.

WASH Reflections

The WASH Reflections is a monthly review of the National level learning Alliance platform. The NLLAP is a WASH sector multi stakeholders with the overall goal of improving Sector learning and dialogue. This communique is intended to share with wider WASH community the most burning issues brought up during the meeting.


The newsletter, dubbed the Ghana WASH News provides information on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). The development of this newsletter is the result of sector institutional partnership network coordinated by the RCN secretariat.

WASH sector publications

WASH sector publications related to Ghana can be found in this folder. As well as other relevant sources which publish documents relevant to Ghana's WASH sector.

WASH in Schools

Documents and reports about water supply, sanitation and hygiene in schools in Ghana.

Blue Pages

This is a sector directory with current information on all relevant WASH organisations in Ghana.

Factsheets and briefing notes

Factsheets on topics such as solid waste disposal, learning alliances and the Tripartite Partnership Project.

WASH Interviews

This WASH Interviews folder contains stakeholder interaction with the RCN Secretariat on topical WASH issues. Here you will find series of transcribed interviews taken at various learning platforms and events; and different sector stakeholders share their opinions, experiences, impressions, lessons and views on wide range of relevant sector issues.

Enquiry Services

The Resource Centre Network is setting up information and enquiry services within the Ghana water and sanitation sector.