Learning Alliances

Learning Alliances

National Level Learning Alliance Platform (NLLAP)

The NLLAP is a WASH sector multi stakeholder platform with the overall goal of improving sector learning and dialogue. It is hosted by the Ghana WASH Resource Centre Network (RCN). The platform offers learning and sharing opportunity for sector players as one of the practical approaches to improving sector engagements/sharing with the long term aim of achieving a knowledge driven WASH sector that delivers quality and sustainable services in Ghana. NLLAP meetings are organized and facilitated by the Ghana WASH Resource Centre Network (RCN), and take place on the last Thursday of every month. They are open to all interested parties. The discussions of each NLLAP meeting are summarized and shared with the wider WASH community in the form of a communiqué, named WASH Reflections, after the meeting. The topics of upcoming meetings are decided on by the RCN secretariat. Find here copies of your up-to-date WASH Reflections 

District Level Learning Alliance Platform (DLLAP)

The District Level Learning Alliance Platform (DLLAP) is a multi-stake holder round table dialogue at the district level. The DLLAP focuses generally on WASH issues and brings together district level government departments, traditional authorities, academia, local NGOs/CBOs, local level private sector, etc. Stakeholders on these platforms play active role in the WASH governance process of the District. This ensures the involvement of wider local stakeholders in the design and implementation of interventions in the District. The DLLAP serves as a platform for capacity building and training of local level stakeholders. This is to facilitate the uptake of lessons learnt by local stakeholders and to enable scaling up. The most active DLLAP at the moment is that of the Asutifi North District where the District WASH full Coverage for SDG6, dubbed, the Asutifi North Ahonedie Mpumtuo (ANAM) Iniative is being implemented.    

The Regional Level Learning Alliance (RLLAP)

The Regional Level Learning Alliance (RLLAP) is established to facilitate learning and sharing of information and other WASH sector discourse at the regional level. The maiden edition was held in Tamale by IRC Ghana with support from RCN Ghana and its expected to spread across all 10 regions of Ghana. The RLLAP  will also serve as a capacity building platform for all stakeholders at the regional level.