Interview with Benedict Tuffuor of TPP

Interview with Benedict Tuffuor of TPP


Benedict Tuffuor (TPP researcher and urban planner)  talks about his impressions and impact of the National learning Alliance during the Ghana  Water forum in an interview with Abu Wumbei of the Resource Center Network Ghana during the Ghana water forum.


Benedict Tuffuor (TPP as the researcher and urban planner) talked to Abu Wumbei (RCN) about his impressions on the National learning Alliance during the Ghana Water forum.

It comes as a platform that bring Sector players to share whatever they are doing, their experiences, lessons and challenges, and it’s been useful to the extent that you  get to know  about a lot about different projects and actions that are going on with the WASH sector.

 I personally  had the opportunity to share at the platform. First to share the findings from the research project (TPP), we presented the various management models in the water sector that have been applied in Ghana.

The platform has been very useful in the sense, that different management models had been applied in Ghana. But not much had been documented on what they are and how they are functioning. The learning Alliance has offered that opportunity to bring out the issues that are associated with the various management models that are being applied in Ghana.

It offered the opportunity to have a cross section of stakeholders in Ghana, to comment on what we’re doing and how to improve the products that were are producing. And after that a couple of companies contacted us to get some ideas.

I have also had the opportunity to share alongside Triple-S about service delivery models. There was a lot of discussion on the topic, for example what are doing now to ensure that we are delivering service to people rather than just delivering facilities which may not be delivering service to people.

In summary we need to see how we maintain and improve the platform, by opening it to all stakeholders especially the urban water sector. One other area that is not lighted is how to we serve that the poor. We need to give this aspect some consideration.

 I would like encourage the projects that are in the pro poor domain to take advantage of the platform to share. Some of the organizations are not pro active and the secretariat should bring these on board.  A lot of ideas and issues within the water sector would be captured by bring more sector players on board.

We need to look at how we take the practice of learning down to the intermediate level, so the districts also get to share, their knowledge and information.