Proposed KM activities for 2004

Proposed KM activities for 2004

Following the advocacy workshop of 12/13 May 2004, a Task Force was formed, which had its first meeting on 19 May 2004. During this meeting, the Task Force members discussed and agreed on a range of outputs to be delivered during its tenure May –December, 2004 .

The range of outputs to be delivered in the period May-December 2004, as discussed in the first Task Force meeting on 19 May 2004, was described in a proposal on strengthening information and knowledge management services within the water and sanitation sector in Ghana.

The activities can be classified into two groups, namely:

  • those that have to be directly delivered by the Task Force
  • complementary demand driven, sector- focused products and services to support the overall effort of the Task Force and to get the sector primed for the intensive KM efforts that will be implemented from January 2005.  

The focus of activities during the period from June-December 2004 were the following.

  • To raise awareness on the importance and relevance of KM for WATSAN goals among sector professionals at national, regional and district level and for ESAs active in Ghana including those not present at the KM Advocacy Workshop.
  • To show sector professionals in Ghana that the proposed Resource Centre Network has the capacity to fulfill its mission/mandate and able to produce relevant quality products and to offer relevant quality services (to show the “raison d’être”).
  • To keep up the momentum on interest and expectations created among participants of the KM Advocacy Workshop May 2004.
  • To develop capacities among the core RCN organizations to develop quality Knowledge M products and services.

Key Outputs/Activities that were to be Accomplished by the Task Force 

  1. Final Report of Advocacy Workshop
  2. Framework for Operation of TF
  3. Priority advocacy activities and KM products has been agreed
  4. Support the implementation of priority activities
  5. A concept report/strategy document for the  long term development of KM
  6. Assessment of Sector Capacity for Information Management
  7. Assessment of Capacity Requirements at the Decentralised Level
  8. Detailed Project Documents with Budgets
  9. Memorandum of Agreement with RCN Institutions
  10. Task Force has formally handed over to the Steering Committee on KM.

Products and Services that were to be Delivered by the Resource Centre

  • Flyers and brochures on KM.
  • Awareness raising posters on Knowledge Management.
  • Different versions of power point presentations will be produced
  • Supportive Literature and Awareness raising for Sector Personnel
  • Who-is-Who in the Ghanaian WATSAN Sector?
  • Overview of WATSAN Programmes/Projects
  • Website on Sector

The proposal also gives elaborate Terms of Reference for the Task Force.

There have been some delays in the implementation of these activities. The outputs have now more realistically been targetted for completion by September 2005.