General facts and figures

General facts and figures

Facts and figures on Ghana in general, including links to sources with more current data and information.

Facts and figures on Ghana

Area: 239,460 km^2 including 3 river basins: the Volta Basin, which covers about ¾ of the country, the Coastal Basin and the South Western Basin

Socio-economic indicators

Population size: 28,634,710 (2017)

Population density: 126 people/ km2

Growth rate: 2.22%

Population below poverty line: 39.531% (1998 est.)

Unemployment rate: about 20% (1997 est.)

GDP (purchasing power parity):$44.44 billion (about $2,200 per capita) (2003 est.)

Annual growth rate of the GDP: 4.7% (2003 est.)

Human Development Index

Ghana is in 131st place, between Myanmar and Cambodia

Life expectancy at birth (years) (HDI), 57.8 (2002)

Adult literacy rate (% ages 15 and above) (HDI) 73.8(2002)

Combined gross enrolment ratio for primary, secondary and tertiary schools (%), 46 (2001/02)

GDP per capita (PPP US$) (HDI), 2,130 (2002)

Life expectancy index: 0.55

Education index: 0.65

GDP index: 0.51

Human development index (HDI) value: 0.568 (2002)

GDP per capita (PPP US$) rank minus HDI rank: - 3

Water use

The total amount of annual water use: 0.52 km3

Domestic purposes: 37%

Agriculture: 48%

Industry: 15% for (FAO 2000)

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