Workshop on WASH opens in Tamale

Workshop on WASH opens in Tamale

Tamale, Sept. 3, GNA - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Alliances of Ghana, Benin and Mali, with support from the Dutch WASH Alliance, have opened a four-day workshop to discuss ways of improving WASH management.

The workshop, which is being attended by participants drawn from specialized NGOs on WASH from the three countries, is to develop a shared understanding and common vision of key concepts, approaches and methods that will contribute to further development and implementation of WASH Alliance supported programmes in their respective countries. 

The participants are also expected to jointly identify how to link the theory of multi-stakeholder approach to practice in their intervention areas in an integrated manner.   

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency at the opening of the workshop in Tamale on Monday, Mr Eric Chimsi, Country Coordinator of WASH Ghana, said the acceleration of achievement in the WASH sector would enhance the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals hence the workshop.    

Mr Chimsi said due to the crucial nature of WASH, a consortium of NGOs had been formed to deliver the WASH Agenda to ensure institutional sustainability.

He said this would ensure a coherent and harmonized approach towards addressing WASH issues to achieve set targets.

He called on participants to take the lessons seriously for effective implementation of the agenda in their respective countries.