5th RWSN Forum 2006

5th RWSN Forum 2006

The 5th Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) Forum will take place in Accra, Ghana from 27 Nov 06 - 30 Nov 06. The main theme of the forum will be Scaling up Local Entrepreneurship in Rural Water Supply to meet the MDGs.

The Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) of Skat Foundation is organising the 5th RWSN Forum 2006 from 27 Nov 06 - 30 Nov 06, in Accra, Ghana. About 150 international participants from Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe and 30-40 participants from Ghana are expected to participate and exchange experiences oand lessons learnt in RWSN learning themes.

The main theme of this event will be "Scaling up Local Entrepreneurship in Rural Water Supply to meet the MDGs". Some of the topics that will be discussed include:

- Cost-effective boreholes: advocating for approaches which can reduce

borehole cost and ensure construction quality

- Sustainable handpumps: improving functionality and supporting

sustainable rural water services.

- Self supply: encouraging stakeholders to build on the investments which

households already make.

For more information, check http://www.rwsn.ch/events/skatevent.2006-03-08.3776626040

or contact RWSN Secretariat, Skat Foundation, Switzerland,