21st Mole Conference

21st Mole Conference

Climate change, which has been described as the most defining human development issue of today’s generation, was the focus of the 21st Mole Conference (Mole XXI) which came off in Accra from 20th to 23rd July, 2010. The conference was on the theme: Global Climate Change: A Challenge for the WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Sector in Ghana.

Impact, Migration, conflict, Vulnerability and Adaptation.

Mr Abu Mumumi disscussed the general principals of the impact of cliamte change on migration, conflict, Vulnerablility and Adaptation. In a presentation at teh 21st Mole conference.

Climate change impacts on water resources of Ghana

This presentation discusses the assessment, results and wayforward on the impacts of cliamte change on water resources

Disaster preparadness and management of climate

Unsustainable development in the past and present is the root cause of climate  change. Mr. Dokunrugo discuses the impacts, flood preparadness plans , strategies and the minimum level of preparadness required to mitigate the effects cliamte change.

Intergrating Climate change in National development planning.

In this  presentation, Winfred Nelson (NDPC) describes how to mainstream climate change, the key efforts towards mainstreaming, opportunites and challenges for the process and the way forward.

Sustainability of rural water services

The key issues to be addressed to provide services the last in terms of quantity and quality are described in detail. Issues concerning post construction support., harmonization and alignment of water service delivery, learning  and adoptive capacity.  In a presentation made by Mrs. Vida Affum Duti. Triple-S Country team leader.

Challenges of the WASH sector in ghana.

Ben Ampomah describes the current state of knowledge of climate change, impacts of climate change and th global climate change challenge.

Water safety

Adwoa Painstil form the Water Resources commission describes , the key changes in the hydrological cycle, the effects of climate change on the fresh water and underground. some of the implications for water quality.